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    Increase VizQL, Backgrounder, etc process and see more data than before?

    Matthew McLaughlin

        This is a real strange one...


      Three days ago I increased the number of VizQL server, Application Server, Background Tasks, and Data Server processes from the default values of 2, 2, 1, 2, 1 to 4, 4, 2, 2, 1.  Had some strange happenings with regard to extracts:  There was data in there that didn't appear in any of my older extracts.  Actually, I had labor transactions appear yesterday that occurred in mid September that were not appearing in an extract taken one weeks ago. 


      The batch file I call from Windows Scheduler:


      cd C:\Program Files\Tableau\tableau Server\8.2\bin

      tabcmd login -s http://cpi-demotop:8000 -u admin -p password

      tabcmd refreshextracts --project CPI --datasource "ShopLabor2" --workbook "Shop Labor 2"

      choice /C X /T 80 /D X > nul

      net use Z: \\cpi-fs1\share

      tabcmd get "http://cpi-demotop:8000/workbooks/ShopLabor2?format=twb&errfmt=html" -f "Z:\Manufacturing\ShopLabor.twbx"


      When I run these commands, I see the extract is "scheduled to be refreshed" after the 3rd like executes. 


      My question: If the refresh isn't completed can the tabcmd get command create a workbook on incomplete data???