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    Bug in RUNNING_SUM ? - Attrition Rate (Turnover rate)

    Em Si


      I'm trying build the metric to calculate the Monthly Employees Attrition Rate (Monthly Turnover Rate), by using the attached sample of raw data.

      The definition of the Metric is  "In any given month, divide the [number of employees who left the company] during that month   by the   [number of employees who were in the company] at the beginning of that month


      Now, by looking at the attached  .twbx workbook and at the excel file (for checking the numbers), I realized that Tableau does not give me the correct number when it comes to the RUNNIG_SUM of count of Entry Dates, i.e.:

      - over the leaving month "April 2012" it should be equal to 7 but it is displayed as 8.

      - over the leaving month "May 2013"; it should be equal to 8 but it is displayed as 9.


      Hence the final calculation is impacted.


      Can someone please look at this and provide some feedback/input?


      Thanks a lot in advance!