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    QoQ trend

    Avia Makky

      Hi All,


      I have a data set where in the status of an Individual is tracked.


      The data is linked to a date field.


      I am facing a challenge here.


      The requirement is as such:

      E.g. If an employee with code 0101 joins the organisation on 01-Apr-2000, the status is marked A and the count for the employee needs to be taken in Q1 2000 (per Indian Financial Calender). Now If there is an increment associated with the emp # 0101 on 30th- June 2004 then the data is captured in the data base.


      Now we need to count emp # 0101 right from Q1-2000, Q2-2000, Q3-2000 ... until the quarter of the latest date.


      The challenge we are facing is the availability of data.For emp 010 first entry is in Q1 2000 and second entry is in Q2 2004 ,there is no data for the intermediate Quarters.


      Attached is the same data for one employee.


      Thanks in Advance

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Avia Makky,


          Do you have a Tableau workbook demonstrating what has been attempted so far?  I understand the desire to indicate that all time points for an employee between start and the next date as relating to a status of some sort but I'm not clear what the final outcome or goal of this request relates to.  What is the overall goal of the visualization that is being built?  Providing the high level goal will often result in a number of different comments and perspectives on how to achieve a visualization that best expresses the goal. 


          -- Patrick

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            This question was ignored in its original post:  Aggregation

            I think the original question is easier to understand.