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    Are You Up For The Crow's Nest Challenge?

    Shawn Wallwork

      At the TC14 Community Alley Meetup some of us discussed a goal we've shared, individually -- some of us have even taken a run at it and failed. The goal is to zero out the No Reply list in Crow's Nest for a single week. Here's what I'm talking about...


      Here's Crow's Nest   created by Jordan. (Nice job Jordan.) It gives us an easy way to find all the posts that didn't get any reply at all. Here's what it looks like today (9/24/2014):




      [The two high spikes were TC & post-TC weeks so they don't really count.]


      Here's my proposal: Use the rest of this week as a warm-up, trying to get the posts to zero. But then make next week, starting 9/28/14 as the week we all pull together and make sure each and every post gets a response (even if it is only a "please post a packaged workbook" reply).


      So the question is: Are you up for the Crow's Nest Challenge?





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