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    spreadsheet join

    Alex Bradley

      I'm having an issue with a data connection. I recently re-administered an annual survey. I have built all of the graphs for the most recent data. Now I want to go back and add graphs from last year's data so that I can show some comparative data in dashboards. I added last year's data as a sheet on the same workbook that my new data is in so that I can just add the sheet. Last year's data has less questions, but all of the column headings and question text that the data have in common are exactly the same. For some reason though, they are not joining for me. The picture below shows all of the columns they have in common, but that it will not show any data in the preview pane and it will not let me "go to worksheet." Can someone help me see what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

      Join Issue_Tableau.PNG


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