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    Tableau server silent installation

    Kishore Rasuri

      Hi...One of our clients asked me if there is any silent install option for Tableau Server. I have searched the articles on the site and found related document for Desktop and Reader application. I didn't any article on silent installation of tableau server. Can we do the silent install for tableau server? If so could you help me with the steps. Thanks

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Kishore -


          There isn't an "out of the box" mechanism to install Tableau Server silently. It can be done with a little extra work on your part, however. Essentially, it will require that you launch "custom actions" from an MSI or Setup distribution. Tableau OEM's use this technique to install their application to a machine, and then follow it with Tableau Server.


          Here are the basic steps. You will need to carry out each one of these steps by launch a custom action which is essentially shelling to DOS/the command prompt:


          • Run the Tableau installer using the /verysilent switch from a custom action in your installer
          • Then run tabinstallck to activate the license with another custom action
          • (Optional) Then restore a standard backup file you distribute which applies the settings from a known configuration (using “TabAdmin restore” fired from a custom action)


          Hope this helps!



          UPDATE from Diego medrano: This method is 100% unsupported, use at your own risk. Issues with data engine 8 errors, permissions, and worker communication have occurred for some users. Silent Installation means there are no warnings if something goes wrong. Just because the installation completes, does not mean the installation is usable and without issues. Please test your installation and bear in mind that Tableau Support cannot troubleshoot issues that result from silent installations.

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            Neven Burica

            When doing a /verysilent install, is there a way to set the installation directory as well?

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              Matt Coles

              Yes: There is a /DIR switch that lets you customize the installation directory. To my knowledge, only those two command line switches, /dir and /verysilent are the only ones supported.

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                Neven Burica

                I finally got around to trying this with version 8.2.  The /dir switch didn't work.

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                  Matt Coles

                  Did you use it like this? /DIR=<install dir> ? E.g., /dir=d:\Tableau\Server

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                    Neven Burica

                    No.  I used it like /dir <install dir>.


                    I just tried the /dir=<install dir> way, and it worked.  Thank you.

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                      Prem Reddy

                      Hi Neven/matthew/Russel,


                      I'm able to get the silent installer for Tableau and Tableau Reader but unable to move with Server Silent installation.


                      Would it be very helpful to share the script/coding as I'm very bad with scripting. That would be very helpful.




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                        Neven Burica

                        Hi Prem,

                        This worked for me:


                        TableauServer-64bit.exe /verysilent /dir="d:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server"


                        That installed Tableau Server onto my d: drive instead of c:

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                          Prem Reddy

                          Hi Neven,


                          I thought of running the server setup file the same way as Tableau Desktop or Reader but I'm really confused regarding how to maintain the configuration details, defining the authentication type, Subscription settings, etc.


                          I guess just running the setup will install the Tableau Server only and configuration has to be done manually after installation.


                          I wanted a script that even maintains the configuration details and runs directly without any inputs from user.


                          I'm just wondering if there is any such option or workaround available. Any inputs are welcome!




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                            Neven Burica

                            Hi Prem,

                            Just an FYI, we never did get the silent install to work correctly for us.  While the product did install fine, we never did get it work right with our configuration.  Our setup is simple, almost the default configuration with SSL enabled.  We tried doing the silent install, then restoring our latest Tableau Server backup.  After doing that, our configuration settings, data and workbooks would all be correct, but we just couldn't get SSL to work.  Any attempts to reach the site would show certificate errors in the browser (we did have the certificate files in the right place).  We gave up after several attempts. 

                            Also, we are planning to use the SAML authentication feature soon.  According to Tableau, changing the authentication method requires doing a clean install (Modifying Tableau Server Authentication Method | Tableau Software).  My interpretation is you cannot do a silent install if you want SAML, since the silent install will not configure authentication to use SAML and there seems to be no way to specify that on install.

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                              Hello Neven,


                              Can you share your scripts to run the Tableau server in silent mode ?

                              Thank you.