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    Hide 0 Values for Percent Difference in Table with calculated field

    Jennifer Han

      Hi All,


      Is there a way to hide 0 values for % variance when the calculation is along a calculated field which I've created (not a default like table across, down, etc)?  My calculated field is a pre/post period and my user can pick their own pre/post period using parameter fields.


      I found a thread for hiding 0 values for default, but it doesn't work because my % variance calculation is along a calculated field (and in turn the percent difference is from one of those fields).




      Here's what my calculated field is:


      if [date] >= [Pre-Period: Start Date] and [date] <= [Pre-Period: End Date] then'Pre-Period'

      elseif [date] = date([upp_start_date]) then 'Start Date'

      elseif [date] >= [Post-Period: Start Date] and [date] <= [Post-Period: End Date] then 'Post-Period'

      else 'others' end


      And the pre/post period date fields are parameters that the user chooses.


      I've also included a picture. I'm trying to hide the 0.0%. Excuse the horrible red outlining. It didn't have the rectangle drawing option, and I was too lazy to open it in a new program, so I just free-handed with my non-dominant hand. heh.


      var % tableau q.JPG