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    PLEASE HELP - Final part of project.  question regarding partial weeks

    Dan Weinbeck

      I have been posting on this question and not been able to get exactly the answer I need.  It's partly my fault for not including all of the information for what I want in my view, but I've included it in the attached workbook this time to give an idea of what I need.


      I am comparing data that my boss usually looks at week-to-date, month-to-date, and year-to-date.  The only problem is when I have data for the most current week, say 3 days worth since today is Wednesday, it will compare it to the same fiscal week last year, except that last year's data for the fiscal week includes all 7 days in the week.


      I had to create a field for fiscal year instead of using YEAR(Date) because our fiscal years don't fit entirely into one calendar year.  The crosstab in my attached workbook is exactly the final view that I need, only I want it to compare equivalent # of days for the most current week


      Thanks for any help.