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    Histmonster - Server event auditing with hist tables, stock tableau user, and tiny portable TWB connected to localhost

    Rick Kunkel

      I finally got around to joining a bunch of the hist tables in order to do the kind of Server auditing that I've heard many people ask for:


      Who deleted that viz?

      When did Bob log in?

      Was that workbook republished?


      I also tried to think of other historical questions to ask that that this data might answer, and came up with two other quickies:  Extract refresh density (I'm sure this needs work) and a way to look for your most common errors (by comparing the leftmost characters).  I'm sure there are others.



      • I use the "tableau" user.  Because this uses only the hist tables, it totally works.  Use tabadmin dbpass to set the password.
      • I connect to localhost, so this could be installed easily on the server.  Adjust the connection info if you need to connect to a worker or will run remotely.
      • This is an 8.2. workbook.
      • I don't guarantee good performance against large postgres databases.  I'd love to know how it does though.
      • The filename is admittedly silly, but since it was originally a project of mine to simply join the hist tables, it got named histmonster.  I also considered "histamine".

      Feedback and/or elaboration is welcome.


      EDIT 2015-01-08

      I am attaching a TDS file for 8.2 format, as I seem to keep using this thing, and I think it could be handy for others.  Any practical use will probably require changing the hostname and/or credentials as appropriate for the system in question.