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    Enable end users to enter date (dd/mm/yyyy) to search for records. V8.0

    Emma McSweeney

      Version : Tableau Desktop v8.0

      O/S : Windows 7




      I am going to publish a cross tab report to Tableau Server which my 2 end users will interact with.


      My report shows publications over time.


      My users will need to be able to display publications based on a date range they enter. They have stated that they do not want to use the sliders ( which I had created based on Date Range Slider Filter Within Dashboardshttp://community.tableau.com/thread/120072)  - instead they want to enter the date in dd/mm/yyyy format, or select from a calendar icon. The calendar icon is outside the scope of Tableau 8.0 (Im pretty sure !), so entering the dates would be perfect - the start date and end date in dd/mm/yyyyy format.


      Does anyone know of a way to implement this or am I restricted to the sliders option ?


      A sample workbook is attached.


      Thanks in advance for you time, Emma