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    Embedded Dashboard refresh with javascript

    Chris Nash

      Simple question here:


      I have a dashboard embedded in a webpage with an iframe so that I can include the ':refresh=yes' parameter.


      Can you do the same thing when you embed it with JavaScript?

      <param name='refresh' value='yes' />


      I searched high and low through the discussions but couldn't find a conclusive answer. And at the moment as I test this I don't have any data changing to test if it's working the same either way.


      And I also noticed in some people's posts that inline its unnecessary to include the '=yes' part, simply ':refresh' should work.



      -Christopher Nash

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          Russell Christopher

          Yup, it should. Example embed code:



          If you use a proxy and watch the request that is made, you'll see the :refresh=yes getting added to the GET against Tableau. That's really all this basic JavaScript does - construct a string that gets executed against the server in much the same way you might "hand code" the same parameters, drop them at the end of a URL pointing to a viz, and then stick that whole string in as the source of an IFRAME:


          Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 6.31.37 PM.png