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    Sizing the Visualization window




      No matter what height and width I make the VF Page that calls the Sparkler app, the 'box' that contains the Tableau visualization is always the same size. I have also changed the size of the dashboard being published to Tableau Server, but all that does is make it so there is more or less scrolling inside the 'box' in the VF page.


      Is there another setting somewhere to change the size of the 'box' that contains the Tableau visualization?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi Craig,


          Yes there is.  Go into the page layout where the embedded dashboard page resides.   Click on the wrench icon(Properties) and update the height accordingly.  I have a task to making that piece a bit more dynamic.  Regarding width, note that Salesforce places a max width of 1000px so I would suggest setting a max width of 955px or so to account for scrollbars if they're needed.  Hopefully that does the trick.




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            Dan Rullo

            Just as an additional note.  I had to set both width and Maxwidth to get mine to size the way I wanted it to. Even if you set Maxwidth to "infinite" but do not define Width it will default to the default width of 800px


            <apex:page >

            <apex:canvasApp applicationName="Sparkler"







            *edited to reflect the correct default Width

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              Hi Dan,


              I originally misread your post.  That's good info to know.  Thanks for sharing.