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    8.2 New Connection has Window Less Functionality?

    Aaron Clancy

      These may be questions for Tableau employee/Devs


      I've downloaded Tableau 8.2 on my Mac and I'm either not finding certain data connection functionality or it's not there.  Was gonna see if anyone could help me find it our help my understand why it went away.


      Where is the Custom SQL editor for Excel/Flat File?  I can't find it.



           (When I use a relational source I can find the customSQL editor)

      Custom SQL editor used to be "auto-loaded" with what ever I had previously select such as a JOIN through the JOIN interface or if I had a table selected it would load the select statement with the field list.

      This was VERY useful and helps novice SQL users get their syntax right without having to go over to a SQL developer tool.


      Now when I want to use custom SQL I just get a blank window.



      Did these two pieces of functionality go away?



      This has to be due to some development hurdle.  If that is the case, does anyone have any idea when this functionality will be back?


      I would have expected those to be expanded on, not reduced/eliminated.

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          Roberto Rösler


          question 1: Custom SQL for Excel and text files is not supported currently on Mac. This is because Custom SQL uses the MS JET driver for accessing the file, which is not available on Mac. See here (p.13/14 - Designing Efficient Workbooks | Tableau Software) if you need more information on that.


          question 2: I already raised this topic at the beginning of the beta phase (here). The answer from Tableau is that it might become part of beta 3. But if this is still not part of the final release (can't test it until now), I'm also interested if this gets fixed in one of the maintenance release or if we have to wait until 8.3.





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            Dan Cory

            For question 2, the Data > Convert to Custom SQL command will change your existing join structure to custom SQL. However, since Tableau now allows joining between tables and custom SQL, you may be able to use custom SQL for just some of the tables rather than all of them.



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              Aaron Clancy

              Thanks Dan!  That's great!  I don't think anyone that doesn't work for Tableau knew that was there.(And some that do work for Tableau don't know it's there)


              In my years of using Tableau I've never clicked the "Data" menu item while in the connection window.  Seems very redundant and I wonder why something like this isn't just a button on the UI?



              Previous Tableau versions' Data Menu options:

              Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 2.51.23 PM.png(1 item)



              Hence the reason I wouldn't think anyone would know to look there.



              Thank you again.  Now I'll just patiently wait for the Mac flat file connector to get custom SQL :-)