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    Tableau Server Administration. TC14 London Class Q&A

    Matt Morgenroth

      Hello Class,

      Thank you for attending our Tableau Server Administration class at the Tableau Conference in London for 2014.  I really appreciated your comments and questions.  Below are the questions I wanted to check on before sharing with you.  I'll try to answer follow-ups on this thread, but please know I'll be a bit slow to get back to you.



      Customized views, delete for user that is no longer in the system (name change), You cannot login as that other person since it's Active Directory. Deleting the user also cannot be done since they have published works.  If you delete the workbooks, it removes everyone's customized views which also is not an option.  This sounds like good product feedback.  I cannot think of a way to do this today.  To review or add new ideas, please go here: http://community.tableau.com/community/ideas  These ideas and forums are for everyone.  Power users, server admins, api developers, everyone at all levels.


      Can the Data Engine api read metadata, I need column names to know what columns are used in each extract - reading the metadata of an extract is not necessary.  Whether you publish the extract as a published connection or as part of a workbook, the xml describing what fields are used is in the xml of the connection in either a .tdsx or .twb(x).  This can be downloaded and read from postgres.  The Interworks API actually was designed to do just that and several other very important things: http://powertoolsfortableau.com/tableau-workbooks/workbooksdk/  Also you can use an undocumented tabcmd command to get the data connection. e.g. tabcmd get "/datasources/connectionName.tds" will bring down either the tds or tdsx.  The tdsx is a zip file that contains an extract and the tds xml.


      Will web editing always prompt for credentials?No. It doesn't so long as credentials are embedded.  If you are getting an unexpected prompt for credentials, review all permissions for that user in the database and in the project where the workbook resides.  You should find the reason for the credential prompt in one of those two locations.




      Where did --un-safe go?  as of version 8.2 tabadmin backup with the option '--un-safe' is deprecated.  All backups can simply be executed while Tableau is running, however you'll still be subject to lost changes/saves that we're in progress during the backup.  http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#tabadmin_cmd.htm#backup

      If refreshing a view based on an extract, will that allow it to switch to the newly refresh extract?yes, once you refresh the data in the dashboard using the circular arrows icon (not a browser refresh [F5]), the data shown will reflect that of the most recent extract refresh.


      Can we see machine resource usage by department/site/group/project? Not really. You could technically trace cpu activity with xperf or other tools that show thread level activity and associate the threads with the hex thread value in the logs, but this is tedious to do manually and frankly untennable for running such trace tools all the time as they add significant processor and disk overhead themselves.  I'd recommend a crude method of reviewing slowest loading workbooks and invoice departments based on their proportion of workbooks loading over your threshold, 5 seconds? 15 seconds? These are 'liklier' to be your resource hogs anyway and this increases the incentive to keep workbooks performant using best practices.  Current best practices are quite well documented here: http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/whitepapers/designing-efficient-workbooks


      Some power users to watch (too many to list, but these are some of my favorites):