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    Histogram of concurrent activities

    Corey Luczak

      Good afternoon!  I did a couple of searches and couldn't find what I was looking for, so I'm here to ask for some assistance.


      I have created a Gantt chart of some concurrent activities.  It was easy enough and I like it:

      tableau help.png


      However, I have another piece of analysis that I am trying to get at.  I've added a box above to illustrate.  At any point in time (down to the hour), I would like to be able to identify any rows that overlap.  In the approximate box above, the result would be 9.  This would be illustrated as individual bars per hour (or day/week/month).


      I have the open and close date/time stamps for each of these activities and my current measure above is a datediff between the two (in seconds, then divided by 60, 60, and 24 so that I can get down to the second).