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    Very Urgent !! please help !!  Dynamic parameter issue


      I have attached work book, where we need to show two sheets in a dashboard. Sheet 1 should show the data we are selecting(as parameters or Filters) and Sheet 2 should show its viceversa(Other than the selected information) in the same dashboard.

      Ex : If I select Furniture value in Product Category (using parameter or filter), sheet 1 should display information only of Product Category equals "Furniture" where as Sheet 2 should display Product Category not equal to "Furniture"


      The filters displayed should dynamically change based on the first selection. For Ex. When selecting a Product Category we should only display its relative Product Sub-Category in the below filter dynamically... Because the Product Sub-Category will update each and every week and cannot hardcode them as we may get some extra Product Sub-Category in the next week.


      Note: When trying to apply a filter we could accomplish the second necessity but couldn't accomplish the first. When using a parameter we are accomplishing the first but second rule is failing.