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    Are all DLL included required for a .NET app using the TDE API?

    Michel Roberge

      Hi all,


      I've played with the TDE API a little bit under c#, using the example built by Scott and discussed in this thread:




      There are a lot of files for both 32 and 64 bits:

      • boost_chrono-vc100-mt-1_50.dll
      • boost_date_time-vc100-mt-1_50.dll
      • boost_system-vc100-mt-1_50.dll
      • boost_thread-vc100-mt-1_50.dll
      • DataExtract.dll
      • icudt44.dll
      • icuin44.dll
      • icuuc44.dll
      • msvcp100.dll
      • msvcr100.dll
      • tbb.dll
      • tdeserver32.exe and tdeserver64.exe


      All these files are there twice (one version for 32 bits, one version for 64 bits) except tdeserver which is named differently.


      icudt44.dll seems to be the exact same file on both version.


      My questions:


      1. Are ALL these files required if all I want to do is generate Data Extract files?


      2. Is icudt44.dll really the same file (works on AnyCPU)?


      I'm asking because the 2 packages together are quite big.