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    How do I save a map & data layer so it can be accessed offline?

    Sarah Walbridge

      Hello - I am wanting to save a map and data layer so that it can be accessed offline. I understand that Tableau will cache my map but it doesn't cash every view - for example, I have multiple filters applied, and it may have 2011 cached because I've viewed it recently, but not 2012. So if I'm offline and attempting to view the 2012 map, it shows me error icons.


      A similar/related issue - I want to package my workbook (including data layer and maps) for some end-users on Tableau Reader. I think our IT group may have some proxy settings that are preventing the data layer from displaying in Reader. Problem is, our IT group needs multiple approvals and business explanations to amend any proxy settings. I want to bypass this. So I want to somehow save my map and data layer as fixed file so it doesn't need to cross an internet proxy and attempt to refresh.

      Does this make sense?