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    Unable to sort data after linking multiple data connections

    Robert Courage

      Originally we were linking just to a sql server that had multiple tables.  One table with our sales data, the other with our store data.  And the two tables were joined by a store number.  The table with the store data however did not include all of the information we wanted and was not always updated.  We have all the up to date information on an excel spreadsheet that is updated regularly.  So I added this excel sheet as a data connection.  I then linked the sql server sales data table to this excel spreadsheet connection by using the "Edit Relationships" function in the Data dropdown up top.


      I had to update my Dimensions and after doing that, all the charts and graphs I've created look correct and have the right information.  However in a simple bar chart with sales dollars on one axis and my various locations on the other axis, I am now unable to sort the bar chart based on largest to smallest sales volume.  I was able to do this before when I was linked to just the sql server data.  But now tthat I have the relationships between the sql server and excel, I am unable to sort.  The little sorting icon that appears next to the Sales axis title isnt there anymore for some reason. 


      Any explanations?  Thanks!