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    tabcmd get packaged workbook with URL parameter

    Tsai Yin Yen

      I'm using tabcmd to export a workbook as twbx from the server to a shared drive and would like to restrict the data using URL parameters. It works when I export a single view as pdf, png, etc. and here's the tabcmd I used:

      tabcmd get "views/RevPerWafer/RevPerWafer.pdf?Technology=28NM" -f "C:\Users\TYEN\Documents\RevPerWafer.pdf"

      Again, the above works and is filtering the data as desired, but the result is a static, single view, whereas I'm looking for a packaged workbook that the user can open with Tableau Desktop or Reader. I've tried applying the same syntax for workbook:

      tabcmd get "workbook/RevPerWafer.twbx?Technology=28NM" -f "C:\Users\TYEN\Documents\RevPerWafer.twbx"

      This runs fine (returns a "Succeeded" message and I'm able to open the workbook), but is not restricting the data and I can still see the whole data set in the workbook.

      Is what I'm looking for possible? If so, how?

      Any suggestions or guidance is much appreciated!

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Tsai,


          The URL parameter allows the filter to be set but the .twbx will download the entire workbook that the user logged in via tabcmd has available to them.  One alternative I can think of is to manage this from the data source and limit the view based on a user to Tecnhology=28NM for that specific user in the data source.  Then use this user to login to Tabcmd and download a .twbx. 


          User filters will not get you the desired output however since the .twbx downloaded would still contain the full data set and the filter could be removed.  Managing on the data source is the only way I can think of to do this.


          -- Patrick

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            Aaron Clancy

            What Patrick Said.  And another "pro" to keeping it a Data Server connection is that you're not constantly transferring large data files.  The TWB will be a fraction of the size and all security can be managed remotely without worrying about certain data getting in the wrong hands.