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    "Include joined tables only when referenced" ignored for measure aggregation

    Artem Liman

      Hi all,


      I have data source in Tableau Desktop (8.1) configured with some tables with inner joins in order to benefit from the usage of "Include joined tables only when referenced" feature and just followed instruction from documentation


      While I find it works nicely for dimension columns (no non relevant joins are added to the query), but once using measure field with some aggregation like Sum, Count etc Tableau decides to include all tables that are configured in data source even though no columns from those tables are added.


      This impacts performance for bigger data sources containing a lot tables as well as breaks result, as not all rows may have interconnection  between each other


      Is there any reason for such behaviour?


      Also, I cannot understand restriction of Tableau that forces to use inner joins on all tables in order to make "Include joined tables only when referenced" feature work. How would it hurt to provide the same functionality for "left" joins? If there is no connection between rows, it is my responsibility to handle that properly