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    Tableau connecting to easySoft ODBC-JDBC presto problem

    katrina Poon

      I am trying to set up Tableau to connect to "Presto" using EasySoft ODBC-JDBC bridge.


      The EasySoft Presto DSN is created and I can connected to it via ODBC Data Source Administrator or QlikView. 

      When I tried using Tableau to connect to  "Presto" using easySoft Presto DNS, it errors out


                       "Unable to create JVM (Failed to find sutable JAVA VM). "


      The error appears to be coming from EasySoft.


      QlikView was able to use the same DSN and connected to it.   Not sure How Tableau is calling/using the DSN differently

      that it would throw the error out.


      Attempts to fix the problem involve setting JAVA_HOME, PATH, CLASSPATH were all not successful.

      all this is done on windows 7 professional  (64 bit).


      Any help or suggestions would be great!

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