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    Show/hide URL actions based on a measure or dimension

    Carey Smith

      I'm trying to toggle the display of a URL Action in the tooltip depending on the value in a measure (1 show, 0 hide).


      I'm reusing the same workbook with different sets of data, and for some data sets the URL Action is relevant, for other data sets it isn't. So I'd like to be able to use the data set to tell the workbook whether or not to display URL actions.


      I've tried creating a calculated field with the following, and then used this field in the URL field of the action. I was hoping that Tableau wouldn't display a URL Action in the tooltip if it was just an empty string, but it does:


      IF <show_URLS> THEN

           "mailto:" + <email_address> + "?subject=" + <subject>





      Does anyone have an idea on how I might be able to do this?