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    Job Opportunity at Stanley Healthcare


      Stanley Healthcare is seeking a Tableau Business Intelligence Developer.

      Type of Position: Full-time

      Location: Waltham, Massachusetts


      • Developing advanced BI analytics and dashboards for Stanley Healthcare Solution products and customers using Tableau.
      • Leading all development phases: design, deployment and testing.
      • Implementation at customer sites


      The STANLEY Healthcare enables customers to achieve organizational excellence and superior care in five critical areas: Patient Safety, Security & Protection, Environmental Monitoring, Clinical Operations & Workflow and Supply Chain & Asset Management using real time location technology.


      To learn more about Stanley Healthcare, see: https://www.youtube.com/user/stanleyhealthcare

      If interested, contact me at amit.schwartz@sbdinc.com


      Amit Schwartz, Director of Software

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          Jonathan Drummey

          I'm going to plug this job a bit from the technology side. The folks at Stanley Healthcare are doing some jaw-droppingly cool work with real-time tracking of patients, staff, equipment and materials. At a Boston Tableau User Group meeting they did some demos of what they are up to and where they want to go and it's a really great use of technology to improve the quality of care, save money for healthcare systems, and actually save lives. I was explaining what Stanley is working on to the infection prevention nurses I work with and they were awestruck at what the technology could do to help prevent outbreaks of hospital-acquired infections. If you want to do good doing good work with brand new technology, this could be a great job.

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Jonathan Drummey wrote:

            If you want to do good doing good, work with brand new technology, this could be a great job.


            I only wish I'd gotten (was able to hear) this bit of advice earlier in my career. Please listen to what Jonathan is saying; it will change your life.