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    Provide outlook email access




      I am working on creating a dashboard. In the dashboard I want to provide link to outlook emailing.


      Like a report on the server will have a link next to it on click of which , it will need to open the compose box of outlook where I can type in the id to which the email is to be sent and send the email.


      Can this be achieved when developing Tableau dashboard ?

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          Joshua Milligan

          Gallop Tab,


          Sure!  The basic idea would be to use a URL action in the dashboard that where the URL would be mailto:emailaddress@server.com.  When the action is triggered, the default mail client (Outlook in your case) will open with a compose new mail box.




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            @Joshua - Great Thanks !!!!

            I would like to on click of the URL action attach a pdf or embed image of the current report on to the outlook email that opens up.


            Do we have parameters to attach the PDF in the report so that I would be able to send the copy to the users?


            Any ideas on this ?


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              Joshua Milligan

              I am not aware of a way to start an email with an attachment.  Another complexity would be getting the PDF of the report at the same time (or prior to) the mailto action.


              If the user were to export the dashboard as a PDF and then open the PDF, most modern PDF viewers include an option (from menu or toolbar) for emailing the PDF.  It's not as slick as a single click from the dashboard.


              The only other option I can think of would be to create a custom web application that would accept query string parameters.  The URL action would call the URL of the web app with the right parameters and the application would automate the process of pulling the report as PDF and sending the email.


              I also suppose it may be possible to hook into the subscriptions of Tableau Server and do a "Run Now" -- but that's beyond my current experience.




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                Mehul dani


                I followed attached steps to make outlook as default client. Doing this triggers Outlook when performing url mail action

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