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    user stats not showing history.

    Srinivas Kumar

      We are trying to capture tool usage information - and was using the following views to get the info. But it appears these views don't store history and show current snapshot. We checked the the settings for "auditing.enabled" and "wgserver.audit_history_expiration_days"  they are "on" and 183 days respectively. Wondering if we are looking at right place - can you guys throw some light on this?


      --Tableau viewed reports by user


      select * from _views_stats order by users_login_at asc


      --Tableau subscriptions by user

      select * from _subscriptions

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          Russell Christopher

          The settings you've played with only impact the history tables - not the _views that you are going after. There is no way to prevent data in the tables which the views pull from from being truncated.


          Consider creating a Tableau Extract of this data as a permanent record, or copy the rows directly to a different database using scripts and/or queries.


          Searching the forums for "truncate postgreSQL" will probably land you on a few threads where people have had similar challenges.


          Hope this helps!