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    WebAPI to list workbooks

    Michael Pickens

      I've seen mention of an undocumented API and some examples of how to call various elements of it (here).  Does anyone know if there is an API method for listing the workbooks on a site?  Further, I know the API is undocumented, but does the community have a list of the discovered API calls?

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          Darren Gibson

          The link you referenced has a pretty nice walk through of authentication.  What it doesn't mention though, is the /auth.xml URL on line 5 of the first code block actually returns a nice list of their 'undocumented' apis. The particular one you are looking for is: /my-site-name/workbooks?format=xml.  You should also checkout Power Tools for Tableau . We've got a lot of tools that make great additions to your workflows for both tableau server and desktop.