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    Drill down-up with months and years

    Julia Nguyen

      Hi experts,


      I'm making a workbook with many dashboards which are linked with menus and filter actions.

      I have a trouble with two line charts. It's hard to explain it with words so you can look at the workbook attached to understand what I want to do.

      The navigation is working well from 'Working selection' sheet to 'Final view' sheet. You can select with the filter in the tooltip the year and not only one month.The problem is that my line chart looks like the one in 'My sheet' sheet and when we use the action we have only one month selected in 'Final view 2' sheet because we don't have any information on the year selected. I want to have the data from the whole year from the month. The perfect solution would be to add the year dimension without having these discontinuous lines but I can't find a way to do this... Do you know how can I do it without adding the year dimension?


      Thank you for your help!

      - Julia