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        Mark Ackerman

        Thanks for the feedback.  It certainly does seem like the font and the radio buttons are becoming disproportionately large when viewed on my laptop.  Is this a common problem I could expect to see on some of my clients' computers or is it relatively rare?  I tried reducing the size of the font and changing the font to Arial, but the problem persists.  The problem does not occur when I place the workbook on Tableau Online and view it from there.


        I have attached an example workbook with the dashboard resolution set to 800x600.

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          Mark Ackerman

          Thanks for all the feedback you have provided in this post and my other related post.  Could you explain what are the advantages of floating all dashboard elements?  Does it help everything stay more aligned when viewed on different monitors?

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Yep. Build a dashboard using all Tiled objects and you see that as you make one object bigger, other objects get smaller. When you take a Tiled dashboard from one screen rez to another, Tableau will jigger them around trying to get them to fit. If you use all floating, then all objects are independent of each other. Changing the size of one won't change the size of the other. Object behave more like they would in say PowerPoint, they can be overlapped and made to be an exact size and position on the dashboard. And when you display them on a lower rez screen you will only get one horizontal and/or vertical scrollbar (assuming you set your dashboard size to exact) and Tableau won't attempt to jigger them to fit.


            The only jiggering Tableau does with floating objects is after creating an all-floating dashboard, you decide you need a bigger canvas, when you add say 200 pixels to the bottom of the canvas, then Tableau will increase the height of all you floating objects, essentially filling in the new space. I personally hope this behavior will be changed in future releases, because adding space to the canvas will most often be done to make room for more elements. The way it functions now makes us go in and reset all the sizes back to their original sizes, before we can use the newly added space.


            Anyway, hope this all makes sense.



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              Mark Ackerman

              Thanks for the explaination.  I haven't experimented much yet with changing dashboard size so I haven't seen this behavior before.  Also most of my current dashboards do float everything because I found it easier to get the exact layout I was looking for that way.  I tried changing one of my dashboards just now to a larger size to see exactly what happens, and I see that it increased the height and width of the object essentially adding white space to the right and below the object.  I agree, it would be better if it didn't do that.

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                Mark Ackerman

                Thanks for the useful advice on sharing dashboards with others.  I didn't find a solution to the problem I was seeing with fonts in Tableau appearing disproportionately larger when viewed on my laptop.  I am assuming that some windows setting is affecting how the fonts are displayed on that computer.  I have read that this is possible when using Tableau.  I am hoping this is a fairly uncommon problem, and that it will not occur often when I am sharing packaged workbooks with clients.  I asked a couple people to check how the packaged workbook looks on their computer and they reported it looked fine, so that does give me some assurance that it will look good on other computers as well.

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