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    Apply Filter Action to multiple dashboards and keep focus in original dashboard

    Jonathan Drummey



      I've got a workbook with 3 dashboards, each from a different data source. I set up an example using duplicates of superstore sales. The goal is in two parts:


      1. For the filter action on Customer Name from Sheet 1 to apply to Sheet 4 from this data source, along with Dashboard 2 (which uses a 2nd source) and dashboard 3 (which uses a 3rd source). I can set this up with 3 filter actions and this all works.
      2. Keep the focus on Dashboard 1 after choosing the filter, and I have not been able to figure out how. Dashboard 3 is always opened.


      Here's what I've tried:


      - Changing the names of the actions

      - Going into the .twb XML and changing the order of the <<action>> blocks.

      - Going into the .twb XML and changing the internal Action1, Action2, etc. names. Doing this I'm able to change which of Dashboard 2 and Dashboard 3 is opened.

      - adding a Web Page object to Dashboard 1 and then a URL action using about:blank as the target, on the idea that maybe URL actions take precedence over filter actions (they don't, apparently)

      - using the instructions from Re: How to define the order of actions?. This didn't have any effect...maybe I was doing it wrong?

      - using the instructions from Re: Dashboard Filter moves to second tab automatically. I couldn't find a way to get the single Filter Action to apply to multiple dashboards.


      I haven't gotten any of these to work, does anyone have any ideas?




      PS: I know a parameter based filter could work, only that wouldn't be dynamic.