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    How to achieve a view with numbers and percentage like this?


      screen1.PNG.pngScreen 2.PNG.png

      I want to create a dashboard with views like above which show the cumulative number along with percentage increase and decrease from yesterday. How do I configure it to use yesterday ( or max date in db - 1) as reference data for calculating the % increase or decrease?


      This should be coupled with conditional formatting i.e. green for increase and red for decrease.


      Please guide in the approach, as I wonder if we can use both type of texts views as part of 1 view or not.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Sarvesh,


          One way you can come close to accomplishing this is to create a calculated field similar to the following:


          max([Order Date])=dateadd('day', -1, window_max(max([Order Date])))


          Place the date field on the view. Change the Mark type to text. Place Measure Values on the text shelf. One the Measure Values card include the Cost and the percent difference for the cost. Then, place Measure Names on the size shelf. Finally, place the above calculation on the filter shelf and select True.


          Another way you could do it would be to create 4 separate worksheets and place them on dashboard to get the desired look.