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    How to calculate year on year difference without using table calculation

    Michel Cavas

      I figured this would be easy enough, but after a day of trial and error, lots of error, nothing seems to work.

      I am trying to calculate the absolute and percentage year on year difference for revenue and costs. The reason I don't want to do this in a table calculation, is that the table calc will automatically filter out the first date entry point of the selected period, even though for that date there is a previous year date available, it is just not being shown on the viz (filtered for a certain period)


      For example I have a dataset with monthly entries over the period 2005-2013, I would like to see the YoY difference for only the months in 2013. So I filter for year 2013, now if I table calculate the YoY for 2013, then the table calculation will not return me anything as 2012 is not included in the table.


      So now I am wondering, is there a way to calculate the YoY difference (absolute/percentage) without using table calculations?

      Or am I doing it wrong and is there a way to do what I want (Only show specific time period, without showing a previous period just for the calculation) with table calculations?


      Thanks in advance!