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    Problems publishing to Server (Tableau Online) from Windows on Mac using VM Fusion

    John Rodat



      I'm running Tableau Professional 8.1 on a Mac on top of VMware Fusion and Windows 7. There are no issues running on the Desktop. However, I'm also a user of Tableau Online, which is the Server version and is my planned means of distribution of visualizations and analyses to clients. I had no problems with V.8.0.


      However, since the upgrade to V.8.1, successful publication to the Server is unreliable and time consuming as it requires multiple sign-ins (providing my password) during the Publish process. For example, a relatively simple file with about 237,000 rows has taken as many as 30 (once over 40) sign-ins to complete the upload. That took over 25 minutes and it requires that I stay in front of the computer, alert to another request for my password. Usually (though not always), the  process proceeds incrementally between sign-ins. While some uploads have taken only a couple of sign-ins, for all of the past month, I can only recall one or two instances when publishing to the server was successful the first time.


      Tech support has been patient and tenacious and is helping find some work-arounds, but that's not a long term solution. While publishing the data separately from the workbook/s shortens the process, it has not been the solution and obviously it requires Internet access in order to continue development.


      Tech support has tested multiple files that I've provided and we strongly suspect that the problem is somewhere in the interaction of V.8.1 with VMware Fusion. We've tried it both with and without anti-virus software being enabled. We've not yet tried another virtual environment for Windows, e.g., Parallels, and I've not yet tried it under Mac Bootcamp.


      Yes, I could go buy another (Windows) computer, but I'm in startup mode and it all comes out of my pocket and my time. Moreover, I only use Windows for Tableau. All of my other work is on the Mac.


      Anyone else having this or a similar problem? If so, how are you dealing with it? Anyone else using VMware Fusion and publishing to a server? Any other suggestions?


      Thanks very much.