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    Using Tableau with survey data - missing feature?

    Kalle Kanin

      I am struggling with handling survey data in Tableau. Typically in a survey, we use multiple choice questions with alternatives like 1 = “To a small degree”, 5= “To a large degree”. But if no respondents answer for instance 1, like in the example below, Tableau omits 1 from the chart altogether. Here I am talking about situations where there are no entries in the data set for that particular value, and therefore no way for Tableau to know that 1 exists (therefore we are not talking about a situation where the value for dimension member 1 is null, hence logical calculations cannot be used).





      The raw data are normalized according to Tableau's recommendations. I have had a good dialogue with Tableau support, but their conclusion is to report this as a feature request. But I find it strange that there is no obvious solution for this. This is a very common situation in surveys where a lot of questions typically lack responses for certain response alternatives. Also, zero answers on a response option can be a vital point/aspect to accentuate in an analysis/report. 


      A workaround is to activate "Show empty columns" as described here:




      But this requires adding dummy responses in the data set, and a lot of "graph tuning" afterwards.


      I am happy for any suggestions on how to do this is a better way. If it requires a feature implementation in the next Tableau version, please help in "voting this to the top" of Tableau's agenda. This is a basic and critical functionality in working with surveys.