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    Missing some columns when exporting data


      Hello Tableau Community,


      I have a question, its very generic because I can't really attach a sample work book. I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with this issue.


      I have a tableau visualization that is published on our tableau server that uses multiple tables. The boss wants to export the data from the vis but is missing a field. I have a "calculation" linking a measure from a different table


      SUM([DailyBackOrderReport (Operations)].[Net_Price])

      When I extract the data from the sheet using the tableau work book, the extract contains the field netprice; however when publishing the dashboard and exporting data, the field exists in the summary tab, but is not present on the underlying tab.

      I've tried adding the field as a detail/tooltip to the sheet in hopes that it would be included in the underlying data, but no dice.

      Normally i'd make a mock up but attaching a workbook but i think the issue lies in the server connection? And i have no issues with the data when exporting from the workbook. Issue is in regards to the tableau dashboard on our server.


      Thanks in advance,