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    Dual Axis Map with Custom Polygons

    Gene Denny

      Meant to originally post this here in the Maps section.


      Been wrestling with this since the Tableau Mapping class last week.  Attached is a packaged workbook (version 8.1) where I have created custom polygons for school boundary areas (many of you have seen this already).  Now that this has been received in a positive light, the next request is to show on the same map, individual map points representing each student's primary address.  Allan, you had recommended showing this as a layer on the mapsource, but we want to keep the data points as a part of the datasource instead.  Been trying to create the two distinct maps with a dual axis but fighting it for some reason.  The resulting viz would be similar to Allan's recently published 300,000,000 data points viz (theywalkedtogether.blogspot.com) but with my custom polygons represented as well.


      Any help is appreciated!



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