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    Getting screen dump when exporting data to csv file.

    Jacklyn McWha


      When we tried to export to data (csv file) we get a screendump after the 2nd time we run the report. Unfortunately, I can't see any error number with the screen dump. Please see attached document for more details.


      To replicate

      1- generate the report with all the filters with the automatic updates being switched off

      2- the report is divided into to parts displayed on one screen

      3- click the on the refresh button

      4- click on the second part which is the bottom part of the report

      5- click on the export to data
           - * on the first 2 run of this report this data export works but on the 3rd run this is when we get the screen dump.

      Please advice what is causing this? I thought it was a timing issue, so I have tried to click the refresh button around 10 mins but I'm still getting the same issue.


      Thank you in advance.