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    URL Filter for multiple data connections

    Martin Olivas



      I have a workbook that has two worksheets - each connects to a different data source - one is monthly and one is daily.  Each connection has a column called [Asset] that I use as quick filter on each worksheet. I published the workbook and am trying to use a URL filter to set the quick filters.  The URL filter I am using is




      This works for filtering the first worksheet (monthly) but not the second (daily.) I tried one other technique which read about in the forums which was to use the data source name in the URL filter.  So I used something like this:




      I even tried encode the "." using %2E but that did not work either. I also saw a similar question posted a while ago with no answers so I am a little worried that there may not be a way to do this other than using a parameter.


      Basically, I want to filter both worksheets, monthly and daily, by the same [Asset] using URL Filters.   Any ideas?