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    How to apply the condition at the measures, urgent pls need help


      The scenarion is

      DImensions has Part Number.

      Measure has Min, Max, QOH


      Part Number  Min  Max QOH

      H10-20          5          10       30

      H10-30          0          0          0

      H10-40          10        15        40


      Now, i want to put a condition on my dimensions i.e. MIn, Max, QOH, such that all those records where the sum of all the measures i.e. Min +Max+QOH >0 only those records are displyed in the layout.


      Can anyone help me on this


      so we have 3 records, but on applying this condition at the sheet, only 2 records will be displayed on the layout.


      Looking for the solution pls.