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    ESRI -> SAP Business Objects released

    Allan Walker

      After the news of ESRI -> Cognos released: Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 5.0 Released! | ArcGIS Blog


      Comes the news that ESRI -> SAP BusinessObjects has been released: Esri Maps for SAP BusinessObjects released! | ArcGIS Blog


      It would be great if we could do ESRI (ArcGIS) and file geodatabases (personal geodatabases has already been achieved) -> Tableau


      Here's my sentiments:


      Tableau is without doubt, in my opinion, the leading BI software. It's taken a lot of hacking to get Tableau Mapping up to the point where I can safely say we now have BI + GIS (viewing) capabilities +Location analytic capabilities.


      But: ESRI is catching up with its BI and dashboarding/reporting capabilities, having been the "Tableau" of the GIS market for decades and is now enabling/ramping up their BI capabilities with partners such as IBI, SAS, IBM and SAP.


      Don't get me wrong, I love open source software like Geoserver & QGIS, but at the Enterprise level (and for legacy reasons) ESRI makes a lot of sense.  I still believe big enterprise/government just want to connect their geodatabases and blend with their data - and Tableau should be in prime position to do both.


      The future sure is exciting for BI+GIS+Location Analytics regardless of what happens though.


      Best Regards,