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    How can I show hourly granularity on a per day axis using parameters?

    Hope Barrett



      I created a visualization where the user has the option to view the data by hour, day, week, and month. I created a parameter based on a calculated field so that the user could switch between the options. My problem is when the user selects hour, the data is plotted so that each hour of each day appears on the x-axis. Ideally, I would like to mimic the behavior that occurs when you place a continuous date/time dimension in the column field and choose hour - or in other words, I would like to have the graph show hourly data with days on the x-axis.


      I attached a packaged workbook that has two worksheets. The first one shows my data with the drop down parameter set to hour. The second worksheet shows what I would like the visualization to look like when the user selects hour.


      Any ideas on how I can make this work? I attempted to use DATEPART and DATETIME functions to build my time and then graph it, but I could not make my solution work.


      Thanks for any help!