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    [Beginner] Using multiple filters from the same dimension?

    Oliver Er

      Hey guys,


      I recently started to explore Tableau and I am fascinated by its functionalities and capabilities. Going to spend a lot of time on it


      However, I begun by importing some data from the World Bank. The first "barrier" was to make the xlsx file ready for Tableau, but thanks to the AddIn that worked out easier than expected.


      Now I am struggling with displaying both the data from Hungary and Iceland in _one_ chart, as seen below:




      I am quite sure that the key here is either a wrong-defined dimension, or my inability to use the same dimension twice.


      Furthermore, I tried to convert the "Indicator name" dimension to a measure, since the "World Indicators" sample from Tableau is listing all the indicators as measures. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to 'split up' the "indicator name" measure into the all the sub-measures (or domains, as Tableau calls them). Maybe the xlsx file isn't formatted properly.


      You can find my twbx attached.


      Help is very much appreciated