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    Can I create a calculated field by using different cells in a table?

    Mike Erickson

      I'm trying to created a calculated field based on the next row value in the same column. 


      The source table only has [Time Period] and [Revenue]. I'd like to create [Difference] by subtracting [Revenue] in the current row from [Revenue] in the next row.  See the table below for the desired result:


      Time Period

      Current Month$455,343$328,688
      Last Month$784,031$1,563,374
      Prev 3 Months$2,347,405$2,661,825
      Prev 6 Months$5,009,230


      The [Difference] for Current Month is [Last Month Revenue] - [Current Month Revenue].


      Is there a dynamic way I can achieve this through a calculated field?