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    Publish API


      Does anyone know if there is an API that allows me to publish a report (both twb and tde) to Tableau Server?

      I would also need this API to give me the ability to set report options (like name, tabs, etc) and set user workbook-level permissions.

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          Toby Erkson

          Yes on the first question:  tabcmd in the Admin Guide

          A "qualified Yes" on your second question.  The only thing you can't do with your request is set permissions.

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            Thanks Toby,

            But I was mainly looking for a API that is outside the tabcmd. Like a built-in Tableau API (similar to the Javascript API they have or the unreleased REST API). Anything like that?

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              Aaron Clancy

              There is not.  I'm patiently waiting for the rest API.  I've built a few custom apps that act like a rest API but they're not near as versatile as what I expect the new API to be and they're created by leveraging tabcmd.  I will say that I am highly doubtful that they will allow the setting of permissions upon publish as this isn't even functionality in tabcmd.  The number of name value pairs that would be required in the payload to add permissions to content during publish would be excessive and become a confusing process (but I could be wrong).


              I'm a firm believer in controlling permissions at the project level (At least until Tableau comes up with a truly hierarchical content structure.)