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    heatmap colours overlapping

    Antonio Willybiro

      Hi -


      i created a heatmap with the following trick to set step colors:


      calculated field: ' color avg rating'

      IF ([Avg Rating]) < 1 THEN "grey"

      ELSEIF ([Avg Rating])  < 4.9 THEN "red with border"

      ELSEIF ([Avg Rating]) < 6.9 THEN "red"

      ELSEIF ([Avg Rating]) < 7.9 THEN "amber"

      ELSEIF ([Avg Rating]) < 8.9 THEN "green"

      ELSEIF ([Avg Rating]) < 10.1 THEN "green with border"

      ELSE "BBB" END


      i set the [Avg Rating] as the Marks label.


      i then set the 'color avg rating' calculated field as my color parameter.


      so far so good.


      the problem is when i try to set the size of the color. it is either too narrow or it overlaps if i increase its size.


      does anyone know or have an example of how to set the mark label color such that it doesnt overlap vertically. i am trying to increase its width only.