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    How do I create an average across dimensions

    Kevin Coldiron

      I have data on returns to a portfolio that is structured as follows: 


      I rank each company in my portfolio according to its market value.  I create ten groups, or deciles, based on this ranking.  Group 1 is the smallest companies and group 10 is the largest.  "Group" is a dimension in Tableau.  For each group I have a figure for profit/loss earned, this is my measure.  This information is available quarterly, stretching back a number of years.  So I also have a dimension called quarter. What I am trying to do is to create an average of profit/loss across multiple groups (dimensions).  For instance, for each quarter I'd like to display the average profit/loss for groups 1 through 5, groups 6 through 8, and groups 9 through 10.  This would leave me displaying three data points for each quarter.