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    Custom shapes - not showing and resizing

    Stacey Rothchild

      I was working on a "fun" slopegraph and wanted to insert custom images. I read the process/instructions for that, and saved my .png files into the shapes folder (I created a new folder for them). They are 48x48 pixels. When I go to load them in Tableau, I get empty circles - none of the pictures show. I tried downloading some other pre-formatted icons, they are 48x48 png files as well, and they show just fine. I'm confused as to why one shows and the other does not.


      Also, when I add the shapes to the workbook, if I resize my worksheet at all, the images get huge. I've attached the workbook, and excuse how it looks - I've been playing and wanted to show how the images were really big if i resized at all. These are not the images I want to use, but wanted to pick something that "showed". In the workbook, the "Dogs" folder is where the images are that I would like to use that do not show.


      I'm hoping this makes sense as I think the custom images are quite fun and can pack a punch if used correctly. This was just my effort to play around with learning some new skills while combining my two loves - data and dogs