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    Path Shelf with generated geo coordinates

    Hendrik Ewe



      I try to visualize from-to transportation on a map with the help of the path shelf.

      The example in the knowledge base works fine. But as soon as I use coordinates generated from my address data the proposed procedure fails. All I get is a blank world map. If I right-click the world map and click "show data", all generated coordinates are null. If I then add the postal code dimension to the details shelf, I see circles, but now lines. The data then looks good:


      Country PathID    PathOrder Postal Code  Latitude (generated) Longitude (generated)

      US      Path 77   2         53244        43,2839              -83,4517

      US      Path 77   1         43106        42,5121              -80,3335


      I alread found this thread where someone seems to have the same problem and writes:

      Somehow, I got it working.  I basically started over from scratch by selecting Lat, Long, and ZIP then clicking Show Me.  Tableau then built my map.  I added PathID to my level of detail and voila - the lines were there.

      But this does not work for me either. Same thing, blank world map.

      Do you have any ideas what could be the reason?



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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hendrik if you post a sample packaged workbook (or some data) I'll be happy to take a look and help you work this out.



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            Hendrik Ewe

            Hi Shawn,


            thanks, this is very much appreciated.

            Before I can do that I'll have to change the data, though, as I'm not sure if it is confidential.

            I'll do that beginnnig of next week.


            Thanks for now,



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              Hendrik Ewe

              Ok, I added a minimum example in my original post. I tried the setup just as described in

              "Using the Path Shelf for From - To Pattern Analysis".

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                Shawn Wallwork

                Hendrik, first welcome to the forums!


                If you notice in the KB article they were not using the lat/long fields that Tableau generates:


                Latitude (generated)

                Longitude (generated)



                They were using lat/long fields from the data source. This path technique doesn't work if you put the ZIPs in play. To generate the attached workbook I did these steps:


                1. Created a map using your Country & ZIP fields
                2. Right-Clicked the map and copy/pasted the results in an Excel file
                3. In the Excel file I deleted the "(generated)" from the Lat/Long headers (so as not to confuse Tableau, and me)
                4. Then copied the sheet to the clipboard
                5. Pasted (CTRL-V) it into Tableau (this is a little known, quick way to get data into Tableau).
                6. I dragged the new Latitude & Longitude fields from the Measures data window to the Dimensions data window
                7. Then I set up the map per the KB article, making sure to use the new lat/long fields.


                Here are the results:


                Path Map.jpg


                Some other notes:


                • If you change 'Name' to 'City' then Tableau will recognize it and automatically assign it the correct geography, and put it into the Country/City hierarchy.
                • Tableau does not 'recognize' small towns; meaning Tableau's generated lat/longs will show these as 'Unknown'. (The limit is 16K or 20K population, I can never remember which; and it may be different in countries other than the US.)
                • Eventually you'll need to upgrade to 8.1 to participate in the forums, because fewer people will be able to post 8.0 workbooks in response to your questions. I usually keep the current and last version, so when 8.2 comes out I'll delete 8.0.


                Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions about this.




                Hope this helps

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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Hendrik, I just added the attachment.



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                    Hendrik Ewe

                    Hi Shawn,


                    thanks a lot for getting this to work and also for your other hints.

                    To be honest, I find it quite disappointing that Tableau cannot manage to draw some source/destination lines based on generated coordinates...that's definitely something they should work on.


                    But thank you again and have a nice week,