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    Useful Tableau Server XML Metadata files

    Eric McDonald

      An answer to a previous post (Re: Batch download all Tableau workbooks from the server) explained how there is a workbooks.xml file on the Tableau Server which can be downloaded using:


      ## Login to the Tableau Server

      tabcmd login -s http://YourTableauServer -u YourUsername -p YourPassword


      ## Tableau Server stores a list of all workbooks in the root directory

      tabcmd get "workbooks.xml"


      With a bit of guesswork I now know there are also the following files: sites.xml, datasources.xml, and users.xml which are going to prove useful . For example, the users.xml file can be used to give a list of all Tableau Server users to allow us to check against active directory. There no other way to do this easily. One way to parse these files is using PowerShell


      Are there any more of these xml metadata files?


      See also: This is how user auditing should work in server... which describes projects.xml and groups.xml. Looks like you can also add "?" query switches to URL.