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    Representing Data Lineage




      I have a question about how to best model and display data lineage in Tableau. By this I mean the ability to do drill-down on a given measure or dimension value in to trace where the value came from. For example, suppose I want to model a income statement or multiple different financial statements that were dependant on each other. If at the 'root' level I have something like "Profit or Loss", that number will have been calculated (outside of Tableau) as "Income - Expenditures - Taxes". I would like to be able to be able to unpack or trace any measure or field name in this way.


      The way that I have seen it done typically is as a table with expand/collapse rows and links to other tables. I tried to model the relationships using a simple "Lineage Column" in my underlying data set as shown in the below link. Any other visualization ideas? A tree viz would be one that would be very handy in this case. It seems like Tableau doesn't really support this kind of thing that well.




      Here is what I've been able to do so far with some hacks to the standard table


      Workbook: Nesting


      any ideas or similar workbooks are appreciated! Being able to represent lineage well will then allow for good navigation between a network of dashboards in Tableau I think.